Lose fat, not weight.

Focus on fat loss not weight loss for better health and mindset
Focus on fat loss not weight loss for better health and mindset












The commercial weight-loss market generates nearly $36 billion each year. How? Repeat business.

Conventional weight-loss programs experience a 98% failure rate. Why? People lose lean muscle, not fat. Once they resume normal eating habits, the weight returns – plus more.

You can’t starve fat off your body. Why? Fat doesn’t need to be fed. It needs to be burned and utilized as energy. Since prehistoric times, your body has been an efficient fat-storage machine.

The “cure-all” short term diet is a hoax. Why? Everyone is genetically different. Everyone processes food differently. You are unique.

According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 98% of all dieters gain their original weight back, plus more. People on liquid diets realize, only after their programs are over, they are no more prepared to face real food again than they were before their programs started.

Conventional diets don’t work because they are faulty in design. They are based on weight-loss instead of fat-loss, and most fail at many other measures of health. You restrict yourself to a very low calorie diet or liquid diet and think you are reaching your goal because you are losing weight. Because the diet is not designed to lose fat, you are mainly losing muscle weight (muscle, water and some fat). After the diet you gain the weight back. So, as the cycle goes you start the same method all over again, only to fail once more. It’s yo-yo dieting.

Proper nutrition, productive exercise, and positive motivation is the only valid way to achieve long-term weight management. Why? Without exercise supported by nutrition and motivation, you will lose muscle, not fat.

The way out of the cycle is through education. Learn to understand how the body works, which foods it will thrive on, and which foods will trigger the storage mechanisms. Learn to exercise effectively, in a way that you can continue over the long term. The most important part is learn how to motivate yourself to stick with your goals, and continue on through thick and thin (pun totally intended). This is the only way to ensure an effective fat loss program, and to achieve the body you want.

What we have created at LHR is very unique in the global retreat and wellness landscape. We know only of our program that is detailed and focused on the education, strategy and results of lifestyle change.

Coaching, daily education workshops, guidebook, homework, and strategic planning to help our participants learn how to effective make changes, implement a long term plan and achieve long term results. Our LHR program also includes some post retreat follow up coaching which is not offered with another other retreat program.

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