Fear of Failure or Leap of Faith?

Fear of failure is a common problem that can hold us back from achieving our goals. 

Before we dive in, let’s define this type of goal-killing fear because some fear is normal, like the kind you feel when you’re getting ready to jump out of a plane. 

The fear we are exploring here is the kind of fear that keeps us from trying new things or reaching our full potential. The type of fear that can make us run away from an opportunity or freeze and do nothing. 

The fear of failure is a normal human emotion, and it can be overcome. The key to overcoming this fear is to realise that it can be both good and bad.

The good side of fear is that it motivates us to work harder when we’re afraid of failing at something. If you have an important presentation coming up, or if you need to finish an assignment by tomorrow morning and there’s no time left for editing-your fear will make sure that those last few hours are spent working instead of relaxing!

The key is using this motivation wisely and not allowing the additional worry to cause overwhelm that could lead to burnout and chronic stress, or allowing your fears to hold you back from trying something new or accepting a challenge.

If you’re afraid to try something because the odds are stacked against you, then that’s one thing. But if you’re scared of failing at something because it might make other people think less of you or look down on your abilities? That’s a problem.

If this sounds similar to how you experience fear, then you are not alone. However, we need that to change by creating a society where failure isn’t seen as an endpoint or something to be ashamed of, but rather as an opportunity for growth and learning.

You may think that you’re protecting yourself by avoiding new challenges that have a higher risk of failure and therefore emotional hurt, but in reality, you are limiting yourself from growing as a person and achieving success in life. Staying within your comfort zone does not create change!

The best way to get over a fear that is holding you back is by exposing yourself to it.

When we face our fears head-on, they become less scary because we become more familiar with them and how to respond. For the majority, we also learn that the outcome was much less of an impact than what was created in the mind.

You also need to understand why you fear failing and what failing means to you personally.

Chances are, you have experienced a negative outcome from a similar situation and this has created the connection between challenge or change resulting in a negative outcome. I say challenge or change because the action you believe you will fail at is usually something you have not tried before or perceive to be difficult.

If we approach each perceived challenging situation with a sense of curiosity and learning regardless of the outcome, then the chances are we would take more action towards the activities, and the goals we desire and thus create a life we can honestly feel satisfied with.

So as an endnote, one of my all-time favourite quotes

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Acknowledge your fear, understand it, accept all outcomes to be of benefit and take curious action!

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