Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Included In The Package?

A. Hotel accommodation, all meals; all group activities such as group fitness sessions, strength training classes, and education classes. All fees for workbooks and materials are included as well as all activities and group sessions. Round trip airport and boat or ferry transfers are included in your retreat package. You just need to get yourself to our destination and we’ll take care of the rest. Some packages include certain services such as massage as indicated in the details of each program.

Q. Do I Have To Be In Shape To Do LHR Programs?

A. Not at all! Our Retreats cater for all ages and fitness levels, facilitated by experienced, professional and certified health professionals. Our mission is to ensure our programs are safe, individualized and progressive and are suitable for all levels of experience and ability. All participants will need to complete the PAR-Q and medical history questionnaire along with a signed doctor’s note from a registered medical professional indicating your health and fitness levels and ability to participate in the retreat.

Q. What Is Not Included In Your Retreat Package?

A. During the retreat, Airfare, additional food and beverages outside of main meals as listed in the retreat details, spa/massage services outside of your package and personal expenses are not included in your program. Additional expenses or purchases will be billed directly to your room account.

Q. What Is Your Deposit & Cancellation Policy?

A. All programs must be paid for in full (at least 7-14 days before the start of each program) to confirm your place in the retreats. A non-refundable deposit of $400USD per person is required for all reservations at time of booking. Our programs are popular and limited in availability to ensure a certain level of service, exclusivity and personalized service.  Any notice of cancellation that is received at least 14 days prior to, will receive a 50% refund. Less than 14 days, unfortunately no refund will be permitted. Please understand that we are also bound by the cancellation policies of other service providers, hotels and travel partners.

Q. Do You Accept Single Travelers?

A. Absolutely! We have many single attendees joining our retreats. If there are two attendees of the same gender who are looking to share rooms, then we can certainly make that arrangement. Or if you prefer to book a single room for yourself, that’s ok too. Twin and single share accommodation are priced accordingly.

Q. How Long Does Each Retreat Last?

A. We offer different options. Retreats are aimed at shorter durations, likely 3-7 days, so you have some extra time to shop, relax and have some free time. The weight management retreats tend to be longer in duration to ensure new behaviors, rituals and habits are made as well as long enough time to achieve specific weight loss objectives. These tend to be 5-14 days in duration. Please see the schedule for upcoming retreats and destinations.

Q. What Results Can I Expect From My Experience With Lifestyle Health Retreats?

A. This is very dependent on the duration of the program, each individual and the objective of each attendee. From previous weight loss retreats, 3-10 kilograms in 14 days is not uncommon. Each participant is here for different reasons. For the more result-oriented programs, we include structured goal setting sessions with each individual and the option to continue their journey with lifestyle coaching for 3-12 months post retreat. This is where sustainable and effective results are achieved beyond the retreat experience.

Q. What Kind Of Meals Will Be Served During Your Retreats?

A. All meals served are healthy, using local ingredients prepared by professional chefs using fresh, local ingredients with a balance of nutrients and calories to help maximize the program developed for you and achieve optimal results! Even if your primary goal is not to lose weight, you will still learn and be educated on how to eat and prepare healthy food on your return home. Eating healthy will energize you, fuel you and help you recover faster. Healthy, gourmet, nutritious cuisine!

Q. What Can I Expect From My Experience With Lifestyle Health Retreats?

A. The health and fitness experience of a lifetime! Leading health experts join forces to bring you the most exciting and effective retreats in Asia. Join like-minded, driven and motivated professionals, wellness coaches and performance specialists from around the region in fun, educational and life changing retreats We have different options of retreats, from 5 star wellness, to fitness and adventure right through to personalized weight loss and lifestyle management retreats.

Q. What is a Typical Day Like?

A. Each day includes a minimum of 4-6 hours of physical activity, healthy cooking classes, mountain treks, beach bootcamps, sunrise yoga, educational seminars, success planning sessions, one to one coaching, kayaking adventures, based on the theme, goals and clientele of each retreat program. 

Q. What Happens When I Return Home? How Can I Stay On Track?

A. All our retreats are educational, including cooking classes, structured workouts and online coaching program for you to continue even after the retreat. We offer optional platinum online coaching programs which include monthly follow up private calls, programs and recipes sent to you every month to keep you engaged, on track, accountable and continuing a long life of health, vitality and success.

Q. What Kind Of Professionals Are With Us During The Retreat?

A. All retreats are planned, run and implemented by experienced, passionate and certified health professionals. Our full-time specialists, coaches and facilitators develop safe, progressive, effective and fun movement and education programs.

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