Excuses Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Weight Loss Retreats - excusesSometimes it is really quite entertaining to listen to the amount of excuses that people use that are sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

No different to ‘why haven’t you done your homework’, we are conditioned from a young age to give excuses and reasons to justify why we haven’t done something that we know we should have.

No doubt you are like many others, thousands of, even millions of others around the world are facing, then here is your starting point. before you start to verbalize a reason ‘why’, stop yourself for a moment and think… Now ask yourself the question, what COULD I do NOW to move me towards my goal. What action can I take NOW to start my new positive habit towards lifestyle change? What small step can I take NOW to shift my focus towards feeling better, looking better, gaining confidence and achieving the goals and body I want to live with.

This goes to show that there is far more involved in the psychology of losing weight as the exercise and nutrition components to achieve successful weight loss. The process is simple, yet not necessarily easy. Defining the language and words you use on a daily basis is the first fundamental step you must take to achieve success in losing weight. At LHR, our weight loss retreats cover a substantial section of language. developing a positive mind set, using positive language, creating affirmations and eliminating negative language.

Eliminating negative language is something you can easily start with right now. Remove those sabotaging words like try, if, maybe and of course but. Replace this words with MUST, CAN, WILL and NOW!

I MUST keep a nutrition journal every day, I MUST preapre my clothes for my morning workout for tomorrow NOW! Just Do it! Do it NOW! and you will very quickly see an immediate response from your sub conscious mind to take action and move forward with positivity that will empower you to immediate and long term weight loss success.




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