DNA Genetic Testing

The Ultimate in Precision Wellness

The latest cutting edge science and technology is used to take the guess work out of nutrition and fitness planning and allows us to customize an approach based on the unique genes of the individual client. 

We test more than 7 million data points (more than any other genetic test available in the market), using precision testing labs giving you a 500 report covering health, exercise, nutrition, sleep, micronutrient deficiencies, pharmacology and lifestyle optimization.

The ultimate precision lifestyle approach available to ensure you optimize your long term success with LHR

dna person

All Retreats by LHR feature a DNA Genetic testing analysis included in the price of the package. DNA Testing is available on all retreats including the fitness, peak leadership, reset, weight loss and diabetes reversal based retreats.

Additionally, we offer the DNA Genetic Testing Analysis as part of our Online Coaching Program, which can be purchased even if you never attended a retreat in one of our global beach destinations.

How Genetic Testing and Analysis Works

At the end of your free one month post retreat coaching program, you are a member of the LHR family, and as such we will offer you to continue support services via our LHR Online Coaching program at a promotional monthly fee.

After your first free month the rates are listed below with the exception being the Gold package which is $409USD for the first month and then $339USD for any following months for minimum of 6 months


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