How You Can Lose Weight by Making the Right Choices about What You Eat

At Lifestyle Health Retreats, we recognize that a healthy lifestyle is maintained by what happens once you get back home from your fitness, weight loss or yoga holiday. One of the important factors in long term weight loss is dictated by making the right choices when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Avoiding fatty foods can do wonders for your body, as well as your energy levels and positive frame of mind. You should not forget that it is important to plan a proper diet chart in order to get rid of that excess weight. It is also important to understand that Nutrition & Fitness means understanding the difference between starvation and controlled food intake.

We suggest you begin by having 6 to 7 small meals instead of 3 big ones in a 24 hour period. When opting for big meals, one tends to always over eat.

It is important to realize that you can skip cheese and fried food and still find the food tasty and enjoyable. This little fact alone can prevent you from making unhealthy food choices. Processed food should be avoided as often as possible. This stuff keeps us devoid of real nutrition required for the body. By being selective about the quality of the food you eat, you can reduce food cravings.

Another healthy option is to add raw food to your diet plan, and avoid using extra oil when cooking. You could even try to shed off calories by consuming a good amount of water. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. This further helps with burning calories. Try and substitute a good amount of fruits and vegetables instead of junk food.  Food filled with fiber should also be included in your diet; it helps in the process of digestion. Healthy eating is healthy living. If you wish to indulge in junk food, then try having a small portion of it. By doing this, you can eat your favorite food without feeling guilty.  Another important aspect is to understand the difference between a good fat and a bad fat. The key is to maintain a balanced diet

It may not be possible to stop eating your favorite “fatty” foods, but keep in mind that you only need a small quantity to tantalize your taste buds. Eating the right food depends entirely on your ability to recognize the difference between your needs and your wants. It is important to plan out a balanced food chart knowing what your goals are. Balance is the key towards keeping cravings in check and remaining energized and fit whether you are on a health and wellness retreat or maintaining your health in everyday life.

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