Discover the benefits of “5-P” Precision Medicine

By Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos
Have you heard of it before? Have you ever experienced personalized medicine or “Precision Medicine”? Let me introduce you to the “5 P” medicine system. It is defined as Precise, Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory. This can change your life, and your health.

Precision medicine can transform health care as you know it. Popular approaches to medicine today take an “average person/patient” or “one-size-fits-all” approach to health.  EVERY aspect of life is represented by the marketers and the industries that want to maximize their investment returns without thinking about your personal health. Think about it, few things are tailored to the “special person” that you are. Whether it is clothes, food, supplements, travel, or cars, few things are specifically made to address you as an individual or consider your needs.

Big companies often position themselves to have services that require you as a consumer to “find yourself” in their system. Hospitals often offer “checkup” programs that are the same for everyone. Drugs are also prescribed to be the same for any patient without personal diagnosis. In too many cases this approach is flawed, and is not effective while being downright HARMFUL.

In some cases though, thankfully it is inevitable that things are tailored to you. Can you imagine a blood transfusion with the wrong blood group? Or prescription eye glasses same for all? Or, when you have an allergy, the doctor just gives you a drug and says “oh it doesn’t matter what gives you an allergy”! This is what Medicine is today. Non-personal, industrial, quick in and ou. T. This approach leaves to many people suffering without choices.  I encourage you to discover “Precision Medicine”.

Precision medicine is an emerging approach that promotes health and treats disease by that taking into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles, We make it possible to design a highly and  effective, targeted treatment for cancer and other diseases. In short, precision medicine gives clinicians new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients.”  Learn more at (

This is where THAI StemLife with its partners in Thailand, the ASEAN, Australia and the US, has been leading the progress with its innovative Predictive Genetic Tests. We also offer lifestyle (nutritional and exercise) adjustment, and groundbreaking prenatal testing to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This is revolutionary IVF preimplation genetic testing that allows you to avoid hereditary diseases.

The future is HERE and NOW. Stop believing the marketers that sell you what suits them and gain the knowledge on what makes you unique and different from any other person on this planet based on you unique DNA, and genetic make-up. This is what decides everything in your life. What nutrition and foods you should consume, what exercise regimen you should abide by, what lifestyle changes you need to make to ensure avoiding cancers and chronic disease. I can help you learn more about what drugs you should be prescribed to ensure treatment success and minimizing side effects. President Obama mentioned a project and dedicated a huge budget for this in his State of the Union address, saying it is designed “to bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes, and to give all of us access to the personalized information we need to keep ourselves and our families healthier.” You can already obtain this information by talking to us. This is the road to a healthier life, a road where you decide your own future.

About the Author

Kostas 1At present, Dr. Papadopoulos is the CMRD of THAI StemLife, an international biotechnology company specializing in umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood adult stem cell storage and R&D as well as Predictive Genetic Testing located in Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, Dr. Papadopoulos is an expert in Genetic Preventive Medical Programs, Longevity and Lifestyle Planning, and Medical Fitness. He also has a passion for fitness and training and currently holds a Level 3 Gym Jones Certificate.

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