Learn how Lifestyle Health Retreats (LHR) can help you reach your goals

Lifestyle Health Retreats(LHR) is dedicated to creating unforgettable, life-enhancing and transformational retreats. We are proud of our innovative and pioneering wellness options and offer a diverse portfolio of quality services that will appeal to a wide range of clientele with a myriad of needs. We differentiate ourselves by offering a range of results-oriented wellness opportunities that inspire, educate and empower people to live well balanced and healthy lives. Our retreats seamlessly blend strategic wellness programs with exotic global destinations and luxury resort amenities to deliver unforgettable life-enhancing experiences.

LHR retreats inspire, educate and guide you towards optimal health, fitness and an improved quality of life. We conduct our retreats at carefully selected exotic destinations and work with high end boutique resort and 5-star hotel brands to deliver the best possible wellness experience. LHR retreats incorporate everything you need for an exciting health oriented experience.

The LHR vision and concept is the brain child of Daniel Remon, CEO and founder of a family of health and wellness brands dedicated to developing niche fitness programs and sports performance initiatives; as well as educational and professional development opportunities for the private and corporate sectors. We have a wealth of diversity and global experience in all facets of the health and wellness industry.

At LHR we believe that successful lifestyle change takes more than just participating in a healthy holiday. The most important component and greatest impact comes from the education, planning and implementation of new lifestyle strategies for long term behavior change. This is also achieved through the use of positive language, building affirmations, re-programming your mindset and delivering guaranteed results. We are fully committed to ensuring that everyone who participates in our programs,  leaves with tangible results, and a viable action plan with the post-retreat support you need to maintain your results when you return home. This is the LHR experience.

LHR relies on the most current scientific and medical research available when creating new retreats. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals are consulted and employed during the development phase including medical physicians, endocrinologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, fitness experts, coaches, and wellness practitioners. All retreats have a strong focus on the educational component and delivering transformative experiences and tangible results.  All participants additionally leave with a concrete plan of action, and the support they need to maintain their results long after they return home. LHR offers customizable wellness and fitness packages that can be tailor made for individuals or groups as well as an exclusive line of targeted retreats.

LHR has retreats taking place on a monthly basis in various locations in Asia For more information about LHR wellness retreats in various global locations, please contact us directly at info@lhretreats.com.



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