Weekend Fitness Retreat

Fitness Weekend Retreat




3 days / 2 nights


Fitness Mindset


Thailand is one of the world’s favourite destinations for health and fitness holidays. Famous for its wellness activities, our Performance Focused Lifestyle Health Retreats are taking health, fitness and performance to another level. 

Education is key, mind body performance, developing long-term action plans for attendees with real life application and results is what sets us apart. Being based in Thailand, this is our backyard and have selected the most private and exclusive properties to inspire you towards better health, mental performance, energy management and personal success.

Our Weekend Fitness Retreat is an easy get away from the hustle and bustle of corporate city life.

A fun and effective time to de-stress, workout and learn essential strategies to manage your energy, unwind and recharge for the week ahead.

This is more than just a fitness getaway.

During your weekend fitness retreat you will engage is short, impactful educational workshops on productivity, energy management, sleep science and stress management. Laarning key strategies and new tools to apply to your life on your return home.

Experience true paradise on Nai Yang Beach. Nai Yang Beach because is one of the only beaches left in Phuket that is “untouched” and the natural beauty is still preserved. Paradise Awaits!

Your Fitness Weekend Getaway is fully inclusive and incredible value for Pool Villas or choose from the newly renovated Junior Suites, on the doorstep of one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches and National Park.

Magnificent cuisine, luxury and an incredible team of inspiring health and fitness experts to support you to new levels of fitness, health and energy.

Each retreat is facilitated by experienced fitness and nutrition experts, who will guide you along the way.  All you require is to dedicate yourself to positive change, and together we can help you achieve the goals, and body weight that you desire.

Our retreats are designed to not only get you active in a fun and effective way, but also feature daily education sessions that ensure you learn how to approach diet, exercise, and healthy living.  Our objective is that you both learn and experience how to manage your health strategically and that you leave with new strategies to continue optimal energy and fitness on your return home for long-term success.

Retreat Info


Single Room


2 Nights




Return Airport Transfers


A Full Weekend of Health & Fitness


Seminars & Coaching


Phuket, Thailand


At LHR we believe that physical activity and fitness go far beyond working out in a gym, and we aim to inspire you by creating unique fitness opportunities that lead you towards optimal health, energy and success in life.

You will enjoy energizing fitness and adventure-based activities as part of your activity plan to make our retreats memorable and interactive learning experiences.

Our Weekend fitness retreats are based on our successful corporate engagement,, corporate wellness and executive leadership training programs throughout. Working the forward thinking leaders to develop tools and implement strategies to optimize energy, focus and concentration, enhance influence, drive teams and corporate performance by mastering their own success strategies, resilience and performance


Performance Coaching
Energy Management
Mental Health
Strategic Planning
Outdoor Activities


Day 1

Meet & greet, program overview, casual dinner and networking with like minded people who are on the same path as you.

Day 2

07:00: Morning Movement
08:30: Breakfast
10:00: Performance workshop
12:00: Productivity session and lunch
16:00: Physical fitness session
19:00: Dinner, daily review

Day 3

07:00: Morning Movement
08:30: Breakfast
10:00: Life Vision Session
12:00: Personal Strategic planning and lunch
13:00: Check out


Available packages

Pool Villa Single

$699.00 USD

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Pool Villa Twin

$997.00 USD

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Junior Suite Single

$599.00 USD

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Junior Suite Twin

$797.00 USD

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