The Weekend Reset




3 Days, 2 nights


Health & Mindset


Welcome to the Weekend Reset Retreat, to “Accelerator Your Personal Best’. 

An exclusive weekend retreat for professional women wanting to get away from the corporate life and invest in themselves towards better health, manage stress and excel.

Getting away from it all is one thing; taking home tools and strategies with you to perform better, reduce stress, overcome mental setbacks and refuel your physical energy levels is what many women need.

The Accelerator to your Personal Best is an exclusive, ladies-only weekend getaway for those performance-orientated women. If you are trying to juggle between corporate deadlines and family obligations, yet are lost in an ocean of must-dos, this weekend in Phuket is just what you need.

Located in the Andaman Sea, Thailand’s most favourable destinations forms the background for an unwinding time as one of the country’s leading health and mindset coaches – Emma Lund – gives you the tools to escape from the rat race that is called daily life and become better educated in the fields of sustainable nutrition, keeping that motivational drive flowing effortlessly.

Additionally, Emma will teach you the ins and outs of how to self-regulate stress to prevent illnesses, how to integrate simple fitness routines inside your busy agenda for optimal movement, and to steer towards your best self and break through mental barriers and plateaus.

We have chosen the perfect location along Phuket’s western shores, with its private sands and azure-blue waters as the decor for what may well be the breakthrough you, as an ambitious woman, needs.

Focus, awareness, and unlocking tools you have in you, Emma’s exclusively designed programme captures both the secrets of emotional well-being and physical ability effortlessly to make you perform at your absolute best.

Tools to:

  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Rewire mental set backs
  • Refuel physical energy


To rejuvenate, recharge and focus on your inner self.

Esprit Night

Your Weekend Reset Getaway is fully inclusive of transfers, room, meals, classes and expert coaching and guidance.

Each retreat is facilitated by experienced fitness and nutrition experts, who will guide you along the way.  All you require is to dedicate yourself to positive change, and together we can help you achieve the goals, energy and freedom from stress you desire.

Our retreats are designed to not only get you active in a fun and effective way, but also feature daily education sessions that ensure you learn how to approach stress, energy, self care, movement, and healthy living. 

Our objective is that you both learn and experience how to manage your health strategically and that you leave with new strategies to continue optimal energy and fitness on your return home for long-term success.


At LHR we believe that physical activity and fitness go far beyond working out in a gym, and we aim to inspire you by creating unique fitness opportunities that lead you towards optimal health, energy and success in life.

This 3-day programme brings forward techniques and strategies you will not find on the internet.



You are welcome on Friday evening when Emma will warmly welcome you and explain the days ahead. A leisurely, well-balanced dinner brings forward the delicacies of Thailand as a gastronomical start to this performance-driven retreat.


As the sun rises in the east, Emma will start the morning with a physical fitness session where accurate movement reigns supreme. Focused on stimulating the nervous system and hormones effectively, you will feel energetic and ready for the remainder of the day

Prior to lunch, Emma will take you on a journey of self-discovery as you become aware of your own setbacks and how fear and self-doubt might be causing a barrier to your progression. With this new insight you will be guided through a plan to overcome your mindset hurdles and better manage future setbacks. 

During lunch, Emma will guide you through the principles of what sustainable nutrition actually entails. An educational talk over lunch where many myths about diet plans and calorie counting will be debunked to live a thriving life without the complexity and strict practices.

The day ends with a movement-based session as a cooldown of the day before we head out for dinner. With timeless flavours and fresh ingredients, Thailand has earned its name as a culinary paradise. Throughout this meal, Emma will enlighten you with some more misconceptions about how we should nourish our bodies accurately for optimal personal and corporate performance. 

The evening ends with a warm invitation to attend a themed women’s circle where the group can share personal experience and just be heard within the walls of a safe and understanding group of likeminded women. 


Rising with the sun has its benefits and what better means to awaken all the senses with another physical programme. Weaving on what has proven to be a highly efficient way to alleviate ailments (i.e. office syndrome), this Sunday kicks off with the same performance-induced energy.

Throughout the afternoon, Emma shares her own mindful story for you to take home. A certified mindset coach with ample years of experience with women from across the globe, this afternoon has shown to be an eye-opener for many of our past participants. An afternoon without a nutritional lunch will be accompanied by a short seminar about how to feed your mind and body accurately.

As night falls, it is time to end the day with functional movement and some easy-to-apply exercise before bedtime arrives. The world of nutrition is both simple and complex, but ending this invigorating weekend with a quality dinner, guided by Emma herself, will have all the ingredients you need to take home. No weekend retreat of this nature is complete without sharing personal stories, wins and gains, and remaining uncertainties. Emma will be standing by for a personal one-on-one session.


Refreshed and rekindled to take on the challenges of the day with zest and energy, this weekend reset retreat comes to an end as you check out and bid goodbye to Emma and the team at our chosen idyllic resort in Phuket. Armed with the knowledge to action for a better performing you, let this weekend of rejuvenating female power be the accelerator towards your future life achievements.

Working with forward thinking and inspiring women to develop tools and implement strategies to optimize energy, focus and concentration, enhance influence, drive self growth by mastering your own success strategies, resilience and inner well-being.


Emma Lund profile

Emma is a Health Coach and Mindset Accelerator with qualifications in health coaching and NLP. With a proven track record in helping career driven women embrace a healthier lifestyle where their career has overshadowed their wellbeing.

Together we work through a strategy that enables a break through result of overcoming years of feeling burnt out, demotivated, lost, unworthy, and a lack of self confidence.

She will inspire and empower you with tools to evolve.


Day 1

Meet & greet, program overview, casual dinner.

Day 2

07:00: Morning Movement session
08:30: Breakfast
10:00: Mindset seminar,
12:00: Mental energy Education session and lunch
16:00: Physical fitness session
19:00: Dinner, women's circle/personal coaching.

Day 3

07:00: Morning Movement session
08:30: Breakfast
10:00: Mindset seminar,
12:00: Personal growth planning and lunch
13:00: Check out

Outdoor Seating
Swimming Pool
Wireless Internet

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Pool villa

Deluxe Room



Single Room - 1 Person


2 Nights




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A Full Weekend of Growth Sessions


Seminars and Fun


Phuket, Thailand


Deluxe Room

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Pool Villa

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